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The Minecraft monster shows no signs of slowing down. Today, the developer Mojang announced that the block-building phenomenon has crossed 100 million sales across all platforms including PC, Mac, consoles and mobile devices. Since the beginning of the year, roughly 53,000 copies have been sold every day all over the globe. The game is addicting. More than 40 million people open Minecraft every month to play with the axe, shovel and sword. I Love Html5 There aren't many games that have been close to hitting the 100 million mark, except Tetris.I Love Html5 The game's open-ended structure and unlimited potential as well as its success are key factors to its success. Players can construct whatever they want with the help of its outward-facing geometry. is comprised of colorful, simple blocks. The focus on creativity is why so many players, both old and young, have been attracted to the game and continue to play years after the game's launch. Mojang has offered constant updates to the game, adding new mechanics, creatures and materials. The game's versatility has made it a huge hit in the classroom, teaching art, geology as well as coding and other subjects. Many were wondering what Microsoft was thinking of for Mojang when it bought the company a couple of years ago. A sequel? A sort of exclusive access to Xbox, Windows Phone and PC? Actually, none of that has panned out. Minecraft is accessible on more platforms than ever before, and there's been no announcement of a Minecraft 2.' Instead, we have an HoloLens Minecraft version that is a spin-off of the adventure series by Telltale Games, and an acquisition by MinecraftEdu. This will eventually result in a brand new educational-focused Minecraft. Soon, there will be a Minecraft version specifically for China too. Minecraft's popularity is not waning. Its appeal isn't a finite story or tremendous graphics. Because of this, it has a seemingly timeless appeal that catches new children as they grow old enough to play it. Minecraft will continue to be sold in remarkable numbers as long as it continues to.